Sound Design


We spent a whole day in the studio last week getting the sound design perfect for Feathers. It was INTENSE but wonderful. I secretly have a lot classical music and a little bit of music tech in my background (we’ll come to the pros and cons of being a generalist as a director another time) so it was a treat to be back with a gorgeous set up, a brilliant designer, and so many amazing plug ins…

Ross Townsend Green, our designer, totally got the brief so quickly. We’ve been inspired by such diverse influences as Bjork, German techno, horror films, and Wagner, among others. He sent us a selection of amazing samples and we’ve distilled and arranged and played with them. He started with a simple, beautiful piano theme for the show and the way he’s built it up and made it so haunting and dramatic is amazing to listen to.

We had a chat over a glass of wine afterwards about how much we’d enjoyed working together. There’s nothing like getting to the point with your collaborators that they recognise what a facial expression means, do some mysterious clicks and suddenly it’s singing at you – exactly what you wanted. What a joy!