Feathers – Closing Thoughts


So here it is, our final blog for this run of Feathers.  We closed Sunday night and I have – quite honestly – needed the time to digest and process the last six weeks of our lives.  It’s been really difficult to put the feelings into words, but here goes nothing.

Producing Feathers has been an incredible experience.

From the first read, I was absolutely hooked on the play.  The characters Eliza has written are so unbelievably messed up – they are all so broken, with the exclusion, of course, of our romantic hero Nathan who truly wants to see the best in everyone.

But yet.  They are all so likable at the same time. You see yourself in their very thoughts, their faults and insecurities, and most confronting of all, their vulnerability.

The boundaries this team has pushed in our attempt to truthfully tell the story of these five lives has inherently brought us closer to ourselves as individuals and to each other as a team.

We have faced many challenges.  From hurricanes in Hawaii interrupting Director interviews, the flu wiping out the first week of rehearsals, the loss of our lead Edie – two weeks out from opening, and to surviving and conquering the last week of the run with one of ours really poorly.  Oh my god this has been a wild ride.

But we also overcame, and created a story which captivated our audiences each and every night.

Thank you Eliza for having so much emotional maturity at the age of 23 to write something so truthful, confronting and thought provoking – all the while making us laugh so hard it hurt.

Thank you Milla for your vision, leadership, support and integrity. 

Thank you to the amazing crew who designed our stunning image, website, trailer, sound, and fight choreography.  I have been truly blessed to meet and work with such talented souls.

Our Stage Manager Martha who managed to keep everything moving at speed, dealing with every hiccup gracefully with no effort whatsoever.  I am very sure she will never want to hear the words ‘TIME CHECK!!!’ ever again….

And finally, Ellie, Ben, Carrie and Josh.  Each and every one of you amazes me every single day with your brilliance, graciousness and patience.  I have never worked with such a talented, giving group of actors who make every second spent together an absolute joy.  We have laughed so hard our faces hurt. We have teased, cajoled and supported one another through tremendous times.

This production of Feathers has been a truly amazing experience – one I will never forget, and one I am very proud to call my London debut.