We did three intense days of casting for Feathers.

There is an academic side of directing. You have a script. You read it. You read it a lot of times, in your head. You start researching. You start analyzing the text for character, story arcs, recurring symbols, structure, thinking about the visuals, the sound and lights – all in broad brushstrokes. We are lucky enough to be able to recruit a team of creatives on this show who I am thrilled will have much more knowledge than me on the practicalities of this side of things.

But when you get into the casting room, the most exciting thing starts to happen. You start to see how actors are responding with little preparation time to the script you’ve been teasing ideas out of in isolation for weeks, and you get to hear what those words sound like resonating around a room, coming out of people’s mouths. As a director, I try to stay flexible with the more detailed brushstrokes until we start playing in the rehearsal room, so our casting has started taking me in new directions with the text – some I was fascinated or surprised by, some I couldn’t understand at all, but all valid. It’s made me even more impatient to get this script into the rehearsal room.

We had a lot of applicants from a lot of talented actors for this play. My thoughts on the acting industry as a whole in relation to this are for another time. But I wanted to thank everybody who took the time to apply, all the agents who put their actors forward for it, and everybody who brought their A-Game to the audition room. It’s been a difficult process. I feel like it’s made Eliza, Michelle and me bond even more as a creative team. Luckily we’re all on the same page – it’s been a joy to run a casting room with these two.

I’m excited for you to meet our actors.

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