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17 November, 2016

WHO can you trust more than your own sister?

Eliza Power’s reworking of Ovid’s epic Metamorphoses explores family-bound trust as it returns to London for the first time since 2012.

Directed by Milla Jackson, Feathers blends mythology with a merciless look at relationships, asking whether we can ever truly know one another.

Dan and Marisa, played by Ben Mann and Carrie Marx, find their already dysfunctional relationship put to the test when Marisa’s estranged sister Edie moves into their home. As Dan and Edie (played eloquently by Eleanor Wright) become closer, a dark and poisonous past between the sisters slowly reveals itself.

Dark humour permeates through every scene and relationship in Feathers. The failed attempts at dirty talk in the bedroom and Dan’s inability to filter what comes out of his mouth makes for many uncomfortable laughs. Marisa’s friend Julia, played by Michelle Neil, acts almost as a Shakespearean “comic individual” in the midst of all the tragedy.

At times the acting feels overly animated, especially during the constant bickering between Dan and Marisa, but the wittiness of the dialogue keeps it sharp and interesting.

The tension slowly builds up throughout the 90 minutes, and the ending shows Power’s ability to capture the nuances of a twisted mind, when the dark past of the two sisters manifests.

Overall, Feathers is a thrilling and emotive play about the dark corners of the human mind, acted out with brutal honesty.

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