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An intelligently crafted play with an electric script, filled with dark humour and littered with subtext. Characters are layered and well performed, particularly the complex Edie (in a stellar performance by Eleanor Wright).


Who is more trustworthy than a sister?

Sex, lies and black comedy permeate this modern reworking of Ovid’s myth of Tereus, Procne and Philomela from the Metamorphoses, blending mythological symbolism and contemporary dialogue.

After years of estrangement, married couple Marisa and Dan welcome Marisa’s sister Edie into their home.

Their marriage, already marred by interference from Marisa’s meddling best friend, is put to the test.

Struggling to settle into the fractured household, Edie finds solace in her new lover Nathan.

But as Dan’s attraction to Edie develops, a dark history between the two sisters begins to emerge …


The show has enjoyed sell out runs at Etcetera Theatre London, C Venues Edinburgh and Sydney Fringe Festival.

FEATHERS has been translated into German by Henning Bochert.

The first German read through of Feathers took place in Berlin in July 2016.

The company are preparing for a Berlin run of the play in 2017.

Feathers is based on a poem by the writer Ovid, where characters metamorphose into different elements of nature; usually after an horrific event.

In this version the horror takes place in suburban Britain.

Dysfunctional couple Dan (Ben Mann) and Marisa (Carrie Marx) await the arrival of Marisa’s little sister Edie (Eleanor Wright) after an emotional estrangement.

Edie’s presence opens a pandoras box of secrets and lies, stirring up a sexual desire in her brother-in-law which culminates in an (alleged) act of violence. 

The script is electric; filled with dark humour and littered with subtext.

Blistering one liners draw us into the heart of each scene.

Mythological influences are carefully eluded to, as the drama slowly builds to a tragic climax that I didn’t see coming.

Characters are layered and well performed, particularly the complex Edie (in a stellar performance by Eleanor Wright) who flips between vulnerability and manipulative seduction with great ease. 

The only hinderance to the production is a little thoughtless direction.

There are some unnecessary lengthy pauses, which slows down the action at critical moments.

This reduces the tension; dramatic tension which is handed over on a plate within the dialogue.

The play is the thing and Feathers is an intelligently crafted play that I would like to see again.


Eliza Power


Milla Jackson


Hen and Chickens Theatre

Show genre:

Black comedy


Sunday 27 November 2016


EDIE – Eleanor Wright

MARISA – Carrie Marx

DAN – Ben Mann

NATHAN – Joshua Boyd-Campbell

JULIA – Michelle Neil

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